SBC Amana

Amana is a member of the cult of Hanuda. She makes her first appearance in the beggining of the game when Howard saved Miyako. He must've hit her hard enough that she lost her memory ( or something else ). When Howard woke up after he got shot Amanda asked him if he was okay. At first Howard didn't trust her but she explained why he should. She told him that he had special powers ( the thing that makes you see the shibito ) after Howard uses his powers she says for him to follow her. After you make it to the street, a flying shibito took her to the Irazu church were she finds a book then asks god to tell her what she must do next. After that Amanda goes on a search for her memory doing three or four things in order to open a gate. When she finally opens the gates dozens of shibito go near her. She goes on her knees and prayes for god to show her what to do next. A bright light beamed down from the sky when she finally figured out what to do: Sacrafice Miyako. She also remembers her past memories. Howard tries to aid Miyako because of her being shot by a shibito when Amanda with her hair down, goes near them. Howard amazed of how she was still alive asks what why she needs to sacrifice Miyako. She didn't answer him only set him on fire and scream "NOOOOOOOOOOO!". But she fails to kill Howard. She had already sacraficed Miyako when she sees Bella, Melissa, Sam, and a dead Howard in the puddle of blood and say " the ouruboros isn't connected" right before the roof fell on her, thus making time rewind to where Amanda met Howard. But this time, Howard jumps off the cliff, not killing himself, therefore making Amanda react by saying, "No wait!" When Amanda takes Miyako and sacrifices her a monster goes out of the blood puddle and attacks Seigo Saiga, killing itself. The roof falls again and makes Amanda in a different place were she summons another monster that Howard kills. From then on Amanda devotes her life to bringing back the monster Howard destroyed. Then, Bella travels 100 years back and eats a god thus making her immortal (Therefore, making her Amanda). Since Amanda is probably Bella, Amanda's last name might be Monroe.