This sacred illustrated text is sia to have existed from the time of the Mana religion's founding. However, the original work has long since been lost. This version is a recompilation, hand-produced by the later followers of the faith. The Mana religion's unique portrayal ofthe final salvation is drawn in a very distinctive style

Page 1

"A sacred ceremony was held,

but a thief appeared,

stealing the sacrifice away."

Page 2

"The lord of the gods was angery,

and a mighty roar shook the earth."

Page 3

"Red water flooded the land,

and the dead began to rise."

Page 4

"The sacrifice was returned,

and a great, holy flame

purified the thief."

Page 5

"The true ceremony was held.

The fruit was offered,

and the saviour awoke."

Page 6

"The outsiders suffered.

into a great void they fell."

Page 7

"A little girl lost in time."

(the rest of the reproduced page is missing)

The original final page was discovered by Sam inside

the Shibito Nest.

It reads:

"Once, there was a little girl lost in time.

A nice god made her live happily forever after.

I am the Alpha! I am the Omega!

I am the beginning and the end.

I am the holy meatloaf!"