A daily log kept by an employee of Hanuda Mining Co., Ltd.


Tuesday July 27th, 1976

Starting today, I have been appointed by HQ to work at the Hanuda Mine

and to keep a running log of operations. I just finished making my

first rounds, and everything appears normal.

Wednesday July 28th, 1976

I have obtained aerial photographs of the surrounding area for

geographical reference. Gojaku Peak, where the mine is located,

is one of several mountains surrounding a flat triangular basin.

Thursday July 29th, 1976

There are reports from some of the miners about a foul odour lingering

around a certain spot. I went to check out the odour for myself, but

was unable to smell anything out of the ordinary. In consideration

for the safety of the workers, I have sent a full report with their

claims to HQ.

Friday July 30th, 1976

I have begun to verify the various mine maps and documents on

record. Unfortunately, there are a couple of points where the current

maps are off. There is one location in particular which appears to

have been filled in and blocked off by dirt, concealing a large, empty

chamber. It is not indicated on any of the maps. I have been trying to

contact my predecessor about this issue, but have had no luck getting

in touch yet.

Saturday July 31st, 1976

After performing my usual seep of the mines, I came back to the

Office only to find a scribbled note on top of my desk with

message, ”Stay out of this.”

Monday August 2nd, 1976

The village office demanded that the miners be let off early today.

They would not give me a reason no matter how hard I asked. I even

tried directly questioning some of the workers, but they are just as

reluctant to tell me anything. It is obvious they are hiding something

and refuse to speak to me because I am being viewed as an outsider.