Bella keeps this personal diary with her at all times. The cover has a

cartoon drawing of a gothic girl with long black hair. The diary’s

artwork reflects Bella’s unique taste in design.

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Ever since Grams went to heaven, I’ve learned that Daddy’s

not a very good cook. He tried to make her special meatloaf

tonight, but he baked it too long and it was all dry and gross.

I’m going to hide the recipe so he can’t cook it again.

The other day Daddy brought home an organiser for me to use,

but it was way too uncool so I gave it back. He just has no clue

When it comes to what I like.

I’m flying to Japan now. Daddy says he wants me to see more

of the world, but I know he’s just bringing me because he couldn’t

find anyone to watch me. I’m ten years old. I don’t need babysitting!

Oh well, at least it’s something different. The house is so boring

with Grams gone and Daddy always sitting around reading. I don’t

know much about Japan, but I hope I can meet a samurai when

I go there. That would be so cool.

Airplanes are so boring.

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A drawing made by Bella with colour markers. The building in the

picture bears an amazing resemblance to the Irazu Valley Church,

complete with a Mana Cross. ”Help!” is written in the upper-right

corner of the page in large letters.

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A drawing made by Bella with colour markers. The strange and random collection of buildings above a river of red water is unsettling. The spider in the upper left, part of the diary’s design, looks almost as if it has come from the sky to attack the place.