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    Sam monrou

    Sam Monroe

Sam Monroe Is the dad of Bella Monroe, the ex-husband of Melissa Gale, & one of the seven playable characters. He is a cultural anthropologist, a college professor, a folklure expert , and a member of the TV crew that went to visit Hanuda.He discovers some drawings in the Irazu Valley church that hints that the events of the game have been forseen. A few moments later after he saw is daughter become a shibito he becomes a spider shibito himself . Time rewinds halfway into the game making Sam turn back into a human. He finds out the real cause of Hanuda's curse and ends the game on top of the mudslide that covered the Village in 1976. However, the archives say that he is eventually found dead in his old age in the forest. Just before the events of the game, the Sam that went back to 1976 sends Howard an e-mail to ensure the events are repeated.

"Great timing Sam"

"No Bella DON'T"