It is said in Shuji Shimada's police log that Seiji Funayama made a note that him & his pig Hanako wanted to be a policeman just like him.


  • Ironicly he said he wanted to be just like Shuji Shimada, he probably turned into a shibito just like Shuji Shimada.
  • It is said in the note that he is in first grade.
  • Nothing is said about the pig Hanako, other than Seiji Funayama & his pig Hanako, will protect the peace.
  • if the time when he wrote this was before Howard came, Seiji and Bella are the only kids in the whole game.


"Dear Mr. Policeman,

My name is Seiji Funayama and i'm in first grade.

Thank you for being a policeman on rainy days, windy days,

snowy days, and thundery days.

When I grow up, I want to be a policeman just like you.

Me and my pig Hanako, will protect the peace".