Shuji Shimada is the name given to the police officer in Siren Blood Curse. He is only seen in-game as a Shibito and never as an actual living person.

He is first seen in Episode 1 Chapter 2 where he drives his car into a tree next to the the police station where he attacks Howard with his pistol. He chases Howard up the hill to the house there where he shoots a man(turning him into a Shabito) who was asking for help from Howard(who was hiding under the house). When he walks off to find Howard he opens a window leading into the house(this window was used by Howard to climb in) When Howard does crawl into the house, Shuji notices this and follows Howard into the house, where he tries to find the location of Howard. After not succeding in his search, he shoots the lock to the door leading to the back of the house. After the time he shoots the door lock, he will continuosly wander between the front of the house and the inside. After Howard leaves the house(through the back) and picks up the shovel, the police officer will then jump through the bathroom wall and infront of Howard when Howard tries to return to the door he entered through. Once Howard drives the shovel through his chest the officer rises soon after to attack Howard again but is pushed onto a steak soon after. He gets back up a few moments later took out his gun and pulled the trigger on Howard. he succeeds to hit him but fails to kill him. He is sometimes found around some chapters tring to kill you.

"10-4, shoot to kill"

"Hold still!"